An Entrepreneur's Apprenticeship

Finally! Someone Is Doing Something About It

If you want to be a carpenter you can go get an apprenticeship, if you want to be an electrician you can get an apprenticeship but if you want to be an entrepreneur, most either go it alone or go to university to get a business degree (We’ve had students come through and tell us they learnt more practical “I can do this” stuff in 2 days with our trainers than in 4 years at university doing an MBA).

Business Builders Academy (aka BBA) is designed to be as close as you can get to having an entrepreneurs apprenticeship, founded due to the vision of serial entrepreneur Carl Taylor to build a global community of entrepreneurs playing a bigger game, living life today and making a positive impact on the world.

It's Not About Making Millions

Let’s clear this up once and for all… A business has only 2 purposes. To generate cashflow and to help people – That’s it!

1. Generate Cashflow To Live Your Life

For you the entrepreneur and business owner, your business must generate cashflow. It needs to have more money coming in than there is going out.

The purpose of this cashflow is to do one thing, and only one thing… Allow you to live your life!

As Carl often says… “You don’t want more money! You want what you believe money can give you.”

The truth is not all that long ago money didn’t exist. Money is just an idea, a medium of exchange.

Having lots of money sitting around isn’t going to serve you, but using your money to do what you want, to live your life without having to worry about where the money is coming from. That is what a real business gives you.

Sure… You can make millions, even billions in business – if that’s your goal.

For most of our students however it’s about having the FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY to do WHAT YOU WANT… WHEN YOU WANT… WITH WHOM YOU WANT and to allow you to give back and make a positive impact on the world.

2. Helping People Along The Way

You have so many opportunities in business to help many different people.

You’re Solving People’s Problems

The first and most obvious person that you help are the customers who come to you.

Why did they come?

Because they have a problem they need solved.

The person who walks into a hardware store and buys a drill isn’t buying a drill because they collect drills, they buy the drill because they have a problem.

They have a wall, or door or something that needs a hole in it, and a drill is the solution to that problem.

You’re Helping People Learn and Grow

In business not only do you as an entrepreneur learn and grow but you help your staff to gain new skills, build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Carl often shares a story about how he was a shy and introverted kid and he got a job at a pizza shop and they forced him to be on the phones. Over time his confidence of talking to people grew and his personality over time became more sociable. His employer without knowing it had made a permanent positive impact on his life.

You Impact Your Local, National and Global Communities

In a retail or local business, you support the community. In a global business, you support the global community.

And if you choose to become philanthropic, then you too help communities in need, either directly or indirectly because of your business.

Find out more about how the Business Builders Academy community gives back.


Why Join The BBA Community?

  • Feel Supported and Genuinely Cared For

    Sadly, too many business educators are really just in it for the money and the ego.

    They aren’t genuinely looking to get you results, they just want to show you they are the expert and give you lots of fluff and puff to show their intelligence.

    They’ll fill courses with hundreds and hundreds of people so they make more money, they preach to you from the front of the room rather than leading you through a process.

    While of course Business Builders Academy is a business and we are looking to make money, it’s not our primary goal, we have strict limits on our courses to keep them small because that means we can work with you individually and get you the results you want faster.

  • Rapid Results and Deeper Understanding

    While many other trainers and business educators preach to you from the front of a room and brain dump information onto you without a clear structure or process to follow.

    You know the ones…where it’s powerpoint slide after powerpoint slide… it’s 5 Hours of non-stop talking… its dry and its boring… you keep checking your watch.

    Our trainers have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning the art of accelerated learning – How to teach a principle in a way that engages you, increases your understanding, memory retention, and most importantly gets you results.

  • Stay Focused With No Distractions

    There are other educators who sell the offer of more ideas by bringing in speaker after speaker to teach you something new, a new marketing idea, how to use a specific piece of software etc… you think you’re getting great value because you get to hear from numerous experts and sure most of the time each speaker adds value.

    The problem is each speaker also gives you another shiny object and strategy to chase. You feel like you’ve had too many different ideas that don’t flow together in one day and you end up feeling confused about where to start and what’s actually relevant to your situation.

    At Business Builders Academy, every course is designed to give you an outcome. Every course has been structured on purpose to give you the exact information you need, at exactly the time you need it.

  • Always Know The Next Step With Processes, Tools and Resources

    You don’t need more new ideas!

    You probably have enough new ideas on a daily basis and if you do need a new idea you can always buy a book or search the internet.

    What you need is a structure and an understanding of how all those ideas fit together.

    An understanding of what the bigger picture of business is… When and why you would use one strategy over another, How to know which is the best strategy and idea to use, How to do it all in a Step-by-Step process, The exact Tools and Resources you need to do it.

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