5 Questions To Consider When Naming Your Business In The Digital Age

Questions To Ask When Naming Your Business

What is in a name? Quite a lot actually. The name of your business is your first impression to the rest of the world and your potential customers. Building a solid business relationship begins when the individual first comes into contact with your business name. This guide will introduce you to several considerations you should…

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What Should You Look For When Choosing An Investor?

Consider This Before Choosing An Investor for your Company

When it comes time to approach investors for your business, you can often become confused and distracted by the biggest dollar value that is thrown your way. Having a choice of investors and lots of numbers being talked about is definitely a good problem to have when you are looking for investors, but it can actually…

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Do You Stand Out From Your Competition?

Now my question to you is, are you standing out from your competition? Are you the commodity in the market place? Are you just like everyone else doing the same things? Or are you seen as the authority? Are you saught out by your clients? Are they coming to find you and asking to do a…

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Stop Charging By The Hour

Why You Need to Forget Your Hourly Rate That’s right you heard me! The challenge as consultants and professional service providers is, if you currently selling your time, you’re charging by the hour. We have an issue, time is the most valuable resource that we use human beings have. There’s  only  so much  time that…

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I Just Don’t Have Enough Time! – 4 Step Time Management Strategies

  When I talk to so many consultants and professional service providers they keep telling me… “Carl, I just don’t have enough time” There is so much to do; delivering to clients, doing all the day-to-day, managing people and staff, etc… There is just so much we can as business owners be doing and its…

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Why You Should Stop Teaching Too Much

If you’re not making as many sales that you should be, here is why. When I talk to so many consultants and professional service providers, one of the biggest things that I hear about their marketing is… “I’ve tried webinars, blogging regularly, guest blogging, seminars, webinars, etc..” And they tell me that they have people…

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4 Signs You’re Suffering From Groundhog Day

Do you feel you’re living the same day in your business over and over again? I was recently doing a more profit and more freedom road map with a consultant and he said to me. “Carl I feel like I’m living groundhog day, it’s the same day over and over again!” What about you, are…

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Am I A Consultant or a Coach?

When I talk to consultants and professional service providers what I sometimes hear from those especially in the business consulting space the questions of” Am I a consultant or a coach, I’m not quite sure what I am.” It’s what you do for your clients that determines if you’re a Consultant or a Coach Coaches……

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Richard Bransons 9 Biggest Business Failures

Richard Branson failures - Photo by Flickr user D@LY3D

Richard Branson – everyone knows him and entrepreneurs aspire to be like him. For so many small business owners, the biggest thing holding them back from achieving success like Branson is a fear of failure. The fear of making a wrong decision, being put on the verge of bankruptcy, or being embarrassed publicly and having…

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How You Can Grow Your Business Faster Without Having To Hire More Staff

I’m going to show you how you can grow your business faster without having to hire more staff. I talk to a lot of professional service providers and consultants. The problem is they feel that they need to hire more staff but more staff are EXPENSIVE and, anyone who’s been in business a while knows…

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