The Business Builders Academy Experts program is designed for those looking to develop and ongoing and deep relationship with us and our audience. For this commitment, Business Builders Academy can expect to get the maximum level of exposure we provide to any class of contributor.

What you get for being a BBA Expert:

  • Front-page inclusion of your post on the Business Builders Academy homepage
  • A close working relationship with the Business Builders Academy editorial and management staff who will look to you for input and guidance as we continue to evolve our products
  • A detailed professional profile page on Business Builders Academy with links to your site.
  • Your name and photo featured in the who’s on the Business Builders Academy team page linking to your detailed profile
  • The opportunity to include your bio at the end of each article
  • The opportunity to link to your own Web site and blog from each article
  • Cross-linking to the entire library of posts you have created for us
  • Access to a large and continually growing audience of small and growing businesses on the Internet
  • Instant sharing of your post through all our and our partner social media channels
  • The potential to get your article emailed out to our entire email subscriber base (no other content included in the email, just a link to your post)

There are some rules, however:

  • Articles should be original to the author and unpublished elsewhere.
  • Articles should offer readers clear advice, takeaways, and practical how-to tips about a specific business topic or approach to business. Bullet points and sub-headlines are good. Long unbroken text is not.
  • The content you write for us must be non-commercial in nature. In other words, a straight promotion for your product or service will not be published. Please note, however, that we think the BEST content about business comes from those selling products and services to entrepreneurs and small business owners, so we would still love for you to contribute just don’t make it all about you or a blatant advertisement.
  • We reserve the right to reject any content that we feel is inappropriate.
  • The author retains copyright, but Business Builders Academy may reprint your piece, will full attribution, in Business Builders Academy products, including marketing materials.


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