I Just Don’t Have Enough Time! – 4 Step Time Management Strategies


When I talk to so many consultants and professional service providers they keep telling me…

“Carl, I just don’t have enough time”

There is so much to do; delivering to clients, doing all the day-to-day, managing people and staff, etc…

There is just so much we can as business owners be doing and its hard to work out how to best manage our time.

I get it! – I’ve been there. Here’s one of my favourite time management strategies that I want you to do.

4 Step Secret To How I Work 5 Hours Per Week

1. Create 4 Lists

I want you to draw a table with 4 columns.

The first column is daily, second column is weekly, third column is monthly and the fourth column is yearly.

2. Fill in Each column with what you currently do

In your daily column I want you to write every single thing that you must do or you currently do each day.

In your weekly column same thing write everything that you currently do each week.

Then do the same for monthly and yearly.

You should now have a huge list of things you do regularly.

3. Highlight ONLY The Things You Love to Do

Now what I want you to do is look at this list and circle or highlight all the things that you absolutely love to do and you’re brilliant at. The things that bring you joy that you’re in flow you absolutely love it. Circle just those tasks on this list.

Have you done it? Once you’ve done that, next…

4. Stop Doing Everything Not Circled

I want you to look at that list and see everything that you haven’t circled.

Your job now and your priority is to stop doing those tasks.

  • Create templates to make it easier for you to get someone else to do it, like proposal templates, sales scripts, client checklists etc…
  • Implement technology to automate parts of what you do, like building an automated marketing funnel, automating your book keeping and invoicing, setting up recurring billing.
  • Build your team, and have someone else do it for you. Hire full time staff, outsource overseas, outsource locally etc…

Need Some Done-For-You Help?

One of the big reasons of so many consultant apply and join our accelerator program is because we provide a component of done for you and not just training.

Instead of just adding to their ever growing to do lists, they love that we will build the websites for them, will assist with getting automation and marketing funnels set up and working and we provide templates that save time and even provide ready to go campaigns that they can just swipe and deploy in their business.

Start Getting More Time for Yourself and Your Business

So if you’re working way too hard and you find yourself saying “I don’t have enough time!”

Do this exercise and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

How many things are left on your to do list?

How many things are on your stop doing list?

I hope this has been helpful and until I see you next, go out and live life 110%

About The Author

Carl Taylor

Carl is the Author of Red Means Go! and founder of Business Builders Academy. He invests in and runs a number of businesses, and regularly teaches business skills through online training and live speaking events.