Subliminal Marketing Logos: How to Subliminally Affect Your Customers Through Your Logo

Subliminal Marketing Logos advertised strategies have been used time and time again by famous brands to convey subliminal messages. Many well known brands have deep messages hidden in their logos that are very difficult to notice at the first glance. However, if you take a long look at the logos, you will find that there is a secret or indirect message hidden in the logo that impacts the psyche of the consumers.

Consumers are usually oblivious to the affect these subliminal messages have on their minds. However, they do react to it, which is why many companies invest a lot of time, money and thought on creating their logos.

Get Creative

A fundamental tool, logos are what give your brand the recognition it requires. The target audience judges a brand by its logo and uses the logo to create a perception of the brand in their mind. You need to get creative and make a logo that communicates as much as possible about your company and your brand. It should reflect your brand’s personality and have people associate it with your brand and products.

Use Shapes

shapesShapes can communicate a lot about a brand and its products. Different shapes appeal to people differently. Moreover, individuals associate with certain shapes and react to them accordingly. Some shapes used in logos are:


Whether ovals, ellipses or perfect circles; these shapes project a positive sentimental message. They communicate love, friendship, unity and relationships. Rings imply partnership and matrimony.

Straight Edges

Straight edged figures like triangles and squares suggest practicality and stability. Straight lines imply professionalism, strength, efficiency and balance. Triangles have been especially associated with religion, science, law and power and are used by brands that usually target men.


Vertical lines are usually associated with masculinity and aggression while horizontal lines imply community and tranquillity.

Use Colours

colorsColours have a fierce impact on the subconscious mind. As colour is what hits the vision before anything else, they play a key role in brand recognition and perception. Different colours are associated with different feelings and emotions. Read on to know what some colours mean in brand logos:


This colour communicates urgency. It depicts courage, strength, energy, heat, danger, energy and aggression. This colour can also trigger appetite and is usually used in restaurant logos.


The colour of optimism and positivity, yellow denotes youthfulness, creativity, happiness and friendship.


This is the colour of nature. Green is used to communicate health and well being. The relaxing colour is also used to depict balance and restoration. Deeper shades of green are used to depict envy or evil elements.


This cool colour is associated with logic, communication, security and coolness, which is why most air conditioning brands have blue coloured logos.


This is a soothing colour that communicates royalty, luxury, spirituality and loyalty.

Use Fonts

fontsThe fonts used in logos can also have a great impact on consumer psyche. Cursive writing is more feminine while bold letters have a masculine edge. Similarly, angular fonts convey aggression and strength while soft and rounded letters have a fresh and youthful appeal to them.

These basics will help you to create a logo that subliminally affects your target audience.

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