The Biggest Lie In Business Education

Have you done a business course?

Maybe you went to a University or College, or maybe you attended a seminar or bought an online course by a subject matter expert.

I’m a big believer in business education but…

While I’m never attended formal business education like an MBA or Business Degree through a university.

I have spent more than the equivalent financial investment into business education run by numerous business experts in the form of seminars, online courses, personal coaches etc…

I truly believe in business education so much. In fact that’s why I started Business Builders Academy to provide just that… business education, but from teachers with real world experience and in a street smart (not high theory) way.

Because there’s a problem with the business education industry…

The big LIE most don’t want you to know

They don’t want you to know, because it makes them ALOT of money.

In fact if you read up on any course or event sales page, if you attend a webinar or speak with a coach. 95% of them will tell you the same thing.

That if you aren’t getting the results you want, you need to change your “STRATEGY”

It’s implied, and at times even directly said, when…

They Say Strategy = Results

It’s saying that if you just have the “right strategy” you will get the results you want…

This simply just isn’t true!

I’m first to admit that I’ve been guilty of learning a new strategy, and it’s been a brilliant and really smart strategy that I can see if I get it right could increase my business incredibly.

Then I’ll go back to my business, and get distracted, have different priorities and ultimately do nothing with the strategy.

Learning a new strategy isn’t the answer, it’s the implementation of that strategy that is.

Therefore it’s not your strategy that equals your results, it’s…

Rather, Action = Results.

Too many educators want to tell you that they have the best business strategy, what they fail to mention impactfully is that the strategy alone is useless without follow through.

This is why we closed our Accelerator Program to new members. I was finding too many people would come into the program, looking for new strategies every week without implementing the first strategy we’d given them properly.

It’s why we launched Automation Agency to let our team implement the online marketing for you, so you don’t have to try and learn or figure out the tech stuff that get in the way of you implementing.

One of my favourite quotes, that is widely attributed to Benjamin Franklin is:

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand”

For example, what would be valuable to you and get you results faster?

An 8 Hour Video Training program about Email Marketing that teaches you a lot of theory.


A copy of a proven email template with 20 minutes of video that explains exactly how to customise and use it in your business?

Don’t Seek Out Strategies, Seek Out Implementation

It’s why all our training courses are designed and structured with specific action elements, with templates, with activities and homework, etc..

All to ensure that you aren’t just listening to strategy but are actually taking action and understanding the application of the strategy so you will implement it properly.

If you can focus on implementing the strategies you already know as well as new ones regularly, your results will explode.

About The Author

Carl Taylor

Carl is the Author of Red Means Go! and founder of Business Builders Academy. He invests in and runs a number of businesses, and regularly teaches business skills through online training and live speaking events.