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Ever Wondered If Email Marketing Is Really Just A Waste Of Time?

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I know what it’s like, you’ve slowly built up your database and you send out emails hoping someone will “bite” and show some interest.

Sadly, too often you are ignored, or you receive replies saying “thanks so much” but then nothing comes from it.

What if I told you there was a way to find the hottest and more ready to buy subscribers currently sitting on your email database.

It’s costly to go out and find brand new customers who don’t’ know you. Your existing subscribers already know who you are, you just need to WAKE them up and get them to show on a scale of 1 – 10 just how ready to buy they are.


The “Instant Leads” Campaign

(My favourite email campaign)

I’ve used this email campaign in multiple businesses, across multiple industries, for both myself and my clients.

EVERYTIME I have ever run it, hot leads have followed.

Previously, I only shared this campaign with my $24,000 coaching clients, but now I’m making it available to small business owners everywhere to help them get more out of their email marketing efforts.

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • Step-By-Step breakdown of how to write and send the “Instant Leads” campaign completely customized for your business.

  • Copy & Paste Templates you can use right away, and get immediate results.

  • The best subject line to use, to ensure your email actually gets OPENED

  • and more...

Hot Leads Or Your Money Back

After using this same campaign myself over and over again, and seeing my high level mastermind clients use this campaign successfully again and again I stand by this training and the templates.

If you go through all the training, and use the templates and you're not able to generate at least 15 hot leads within the first 90 days, I'll refund your money 100%

Of course, you can keep sending emails with minimal (if any) response. Or you can follow a step-by-step proven formula, and use my existing templates to make it even easier.

Normally this training and templates sell for $97, but for a very limited time, I’ll let you have instant access to this campaign for just $12

Yep, just $12.

Why $12? Because I want this strategy to be accessible to you whether you’re a struggling startup or a large corporate.

And I don’t want you to have to think… at this price it’s a NO BRAINER.

Plus chances are, once you’ve used this campaign you’ll want to upgrade to our more advanced trainings too.

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Now $97 One-time investment of $12

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Here's To Your Success,

Carl Taylor

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