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Do you have a product that just isn’t selling?

Are you tired of sending emails that don’t generate sales?

It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny list of less than 100 subscribers or a list of over 100,000 subscribers, if you can’t send emails that make you money then email marketing is a waste-of-time.

You’re not alone, most small business owners struggle to write compelling emails that generate sales of their products and services.

FACT: 80% of Emails You Send HURT Your Business 

Sadly, most businesses that work hard to regularly email their subscribers get disappointing and extremely poor results.

And the main reason is they aren’t focused on monetizing their database.

If you constantly keep sending email after email with CONTENT and great value (don’t get me wrong, this is important too) but you never sell them something, you’re training your subscribers to be freeloaders and not customers.

And if you ARE sending “sales emails” but you aren’t getting sales then that means you’re training your subscribers to IGNORE you and to start deleting your emails without even opening them (you know its true… you do it too).

The “Quick Cash” Campaign

(My most profitable email campaign)

After running this type of campaign a number of times successfully, each time bringing in thousands of dollars in sales, I decided to break this email campaign into an easy to replicate system that I could use again and again with ALL my products.

Previously, I kept this system all to myself and my closest inner-circle.

But now… I’ve decided to make it available to small business owners everywhere, and provide COPY & PASTE templates to make it even EASIER.

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • The Quick Cash Campaign Planner

    to ensure you hit every HOT Button needed to persuade your subscribers to buy your product/service

  • How to ensure you are STEALTH SELLING

    meaning your subscribers actually thank you for selling them and they don’t see it at all as pushy or salesy.

  • Step-by-Step training videos

    walking you through each campaign and how it worked

  • Downloadable Templates of TWO Profitable Quick Cash Campaigns I personally ran.

    (These are ready to copy & paste with minimal edits to suit your business)

  • What type of webpage you MUST send your subscribers to

    when they click from the email to ensure you maximize sales (Plus a video walkthrough of my pages)

Of course, you can keep sending emails with minimal (if any) response. Or you can follow a step-by-step proven formula, and use my existing templates to make it even easier.

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