Yes! We accept bylined “how to” articles and opinion pieces for our website and weekly email newsletter.

Our audience are small business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs who love to read expert advice and commentary about business, entrepreneurship, investing and are looking to learn what it takes to successfully build a profitable and scalable business, and be able to do it again and again as their lifelong career as an Entrepreneur.

You can contribute and benefit in a number of ways.

1. Become a Business Builders Academy Expert

You can join the team here at Business Builders Academy and develop an ongoing and deep relationship with our audience and our staff, the Business Builders Academy Experts program is ideal for those that like writing about areas within their fields of expertise and are willing to commit to producing at least 1x 800+ word post per month.

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2. Submit a Guest Post

You don’t have to commit to being an ongoing expert to contribute, you can submit one or only a few posts to our website through our Guest Post program. You’ll receive a byline and links back to your site and be able to share some great content with our audience.

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What you get out of contributing to Business Builders Academy:

  • Access to a large and continually growing audience from Australia, United States, United Kingdom and others from around the world who are passionate about business, and entrepreneurship
  • Participation in a community of individuals like yourself, focused on building and improving businesses as a life long passion and career path
  • The opportunity to promote yourself and/or your company with your bio, links to your website and social media accounts in association with your contribution
  • and much more…