Am I A Consultant or a Coach?

When I talk to consultants and professional service providers what I sometimes hear from those especially in the business consulting space the questions of” Am I a consultant or a coach, I’m not quite sure what I am.”

It’s what you do for your clients that determines if you’re a Consultant or a Coach

Coaches… Support & Nurture

What great coaches do best is to extract the best answer out of your clients. Rather than just giving them the answer on a silver platter or doing it for them. You ask a lot of guiding questions, add your advice here and there and ultimately help them come to the answer and implement the solution themselves.

For example, you may do weekly or some type of regular catch up, and you teach and share strategy tips, help your clients to develop a plan and even support them and keep them accountable as they execute and implement that plan. You may even give them some templates, and resources they can use, but you won’t do any of the implementation for them.

Consultants… Advise & Implement

Consultants implement and get a little more involved, you’ll provide the powerful strategy advice and then do either a full or partial implementation for your clients.

For example, I am a consultant because when I work with my accelerator clients what we do is help you to build the strategy of how get more online leads and how to build landing pages, provide templates and training resources, and ask questions just like many coaches do, then we go a step further and help with the implementation by getting our hands a little dirty and building some of the pages and taking care of a lot of the tech stuff needed to make the strategy happen.

Both Coaches and Consultants service different functions and provide a different type value to their clients.

So if you’ve been wondering “Am I consultant or a coach?” hopefully this has cleared things up for you and you have a better idea of where you fit in.

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