Do You Stand Out From Your Competition?

Now my question to you is, are you standing out from your competition?

Are you the commodity in the market place? Are you just like everyone else doing the same things?

Or are you seen as the authority? Are you saught out by your clients? Are they coming to find you and asking to do a business with you.

Is price no issue at all? Because they already know they want to work with you.

If the answer is Yes to the first and No to the second keep reading…

Key Take Away To Stand Out From Your Competition

1. Consistent Blogging

You need to move from being a commodity to an authority. How will you do it? Through regular blogging and getting your content out there, but you need to make sure its converting content.

You want it to be content that doesn’t just teach and makes them go “thank you very much” and not buy, but content that teaches and then makes them want to buy what you’re selling.

2. Start Speaking

You also need to start speaking, get on the guest speaking circuit, get out and start sharing your message from the stage and being in front of the crowd, so they know that you’re out there.

3. Get publicity

Start getting publicity, get your name out there and being positioned in the media as the expert in what you do. Be interviewed, contribute articles and columns, or even simple quotes in other articles.

If you need any help to stand out from your competition…

Then feel free to reach out and contact us. Our accelerator program designed  specifically for that, but take these tips away and implement.

Please share and comment what you’re currently doing.

Until I see you next. Go out and live life  at 110%.

About The Author

Carl Taylor

Carl is the Author of Red Means Go! and founder of Business Builders Academy. He invests in and runs a number of businesses, and regularly teaches business skills through online training and live speaking events.